”The Shame of Sex Trafficking”

”Sex trafficking is the exploitation of girls and youngsters within national or across international borders to gratify sexual needs.” There are approximate 8, 00,000 people trafficked across international borders annually. Out of those, 80% are females and 50% are minors. It’s evident that the world sex trafficking rate is rising at a tremendous pace. Most of the trafficked women are dalits or tribes from the rural areas of West Bengal and from other less developed North-Eastern states of India. Additionally, the less developed countries like Nepal and Bangladesh have succumbed to this indecent activity. human trafficking The reason for this might be unemployment and lack of job security that has undermined the economic position and pushed women to sex trafficking. Women and teenage girls are vulnerable to this curse principally owing to ignorance, harmful traditional and cultural practices, financial condition and discrimination. Sex traffickers may either operate publicly or function in personal spots like massage parlors, spas and strip clubs. human trafficking Although a low proportion of men and boys are trafficked into the sex trade, women are the main victims of sex trafficking, followed by girl children. Strict laws have been passed against it, but still this social evil is not yet eradicated. The coerced sexual exploitation has led to degradation of human and women’s rights, disrupted community and diminished social development. The society must provide every human being the freedom to live their lives freely for which the government should enforce stringent laws. Sex traffickers, who quash the liberty of innocent beings, should be punished. Only then our society will prosper and every human being will be treated equally with dignity and respect, irrespective of their gender.       ————— About the Author: The article has been contributed by our intern, Nandita Verma.

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