Swiggy Has Hired A Transgender Techie To Run An In-House LGBT Support Group

Recently Swiggy has hired Samyukta Vijayan, their first transgender employee as aa Principal Program manager, breaking stereotypes, and injustices faced by the transgender community in terms of employment opportunities.

As soon as she joined, Samyukta was made a part of the women in tech group to have an in-house support system for the LGBT community, and she now has big plans to build Swiggy as a mutually inclusive working space for the LGBT community.

Samyuktais a no rookie in the corporate world; she has worked for Amazon for many years and surprisingly she has her own start-up by the name of Toute Studio, which focuses on increasing the skills in areas relating to fashion, design, makeup and hairstyling for the LGBT community so that they can be self-sufficient and make an honorable living for themselves.

According to Samyukta, Indian corporate houses need to spread their arms and hire the LGBT community actively and also provide in-house training and education to the LGBT community who do not have any support from the family or lack financial resources to make them a useful part of the corporate culture.

For a community that has been suppressed since decades in every aspect of their life whether education or employment opportunities, Swiggy has taken a historic step to build a mutually inclusive work environment for all its employees and let’s hope Indian corporate houses take inspiration from Swiggy and provides equal employment opportunities to the LGBT community and provide them with mutually inclusive environment to work in.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is written by Gurpreet Singh, our intern.


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