Rape: What leads Men to it?

  Rape has and always been the most derogatory, animalistic act of any man. This inhuman act of performing non-consensual sex on a woman should be awarded no less than capital punishment. But Alas! This does not happen most of the time as the rapist goes scot free because the women do not file complaints fearing stigmatization from the public. In India, most of the people have an opinion that rape occurs due to the clothes that women wear! But they have got it all wrong! rape culture The real question to be asked here- What makes these men commit these heinous crimes? Those traits are Alcohol abuse, mental sickness, the want of feeling the ‘Power’, ‘Dominance’ etc. In most cases, it has been observed that men who have committed this heinous act express no sense of remorse or guilt which underlies the fact that they suffer from some sort of superiority complex. Many different forms and types of rape are prevalent in our country, the most ignorant being marital rape! To understand the gravity of ‘marital rape’ or ‘rape’, we have to refer through an example. “Imagine a wedding set in a rural area in India. For both the bride and groom, they have been devoid of contact of the opposite sex from the time they have hit puberty. Talking about sex has been a taboo and the fact is that girls enter into marriage without having the important talk does not help. The boys on the other side know quite a few stuff due to presence of other family members, peers etc. They are told from a young age that women are meant to be dominated and women are under them. So, imagine the scenario that will happen when a young man; full of hormones, with the sense that the young woman is his own and his wife and meant to be dominated upon, will unleash himself on his wife! She on the other hand, would have been instructed by her parents to be a good wife ,to listen to her husband and to obey his ‘whims’ and ‘fancies’. So, she will naturally think that his advances are ok and develop the mentality that her body belongs to her husband who can use it whenever he likes.” rapist So, what can we do to change this attitude and mindset of men and the public by emphasizing the fact that women are not to be treated like assets, but as people with a mind of their own, having a distinct personality, their own dreams and ambitions? This can only be achieved if we educate our masses and show them the right path of gender equality. Like people say “You keep the title of President even if you have served only one term. The same goes for rapists”.         ————- ABOUT THE AUTHOR: This article is contributed by  Abhishek Anil, our intern.

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