I am not grass, I am a woman!

women's voice “I am not grass, To get pulled off like weed… To decorate your lawn, To feed your greed…. To be used for luxury, To be crushed and bleed….

To amuse your lust, To quench your thrist, Grown from crust……. I am not GRASS……. I, I am a river, I flow with grace, I carry your seed To hill’s face…. My lover is the sea, Mountain is my birthplace…. I water you, Even your surroundings… I cling to your life tirelessly. Yet, you abuse me mercilessly! I am not grass, I am your creator, Your maker, You are because I am…. I am not grass, I am a woman! A creator! ”     ——————– About the Author: This article is contributed by Loveen Kaur Gill, our guest writer.
Respect Women

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