Women with Beard Break The Stereotypes. She Is Beautiful!

If you’ve been thinking that only having a zero size structure, pointing fingers, a beautiful lustrous hair on your head and only on your head, means beauty, here is a woman to prove it wrong. She is a normal woman, but her fate didn’t let her live a normal lifestyle. She had her peace held […]

Eat Pray Love Author ‘Elizabeth Gilbert’ Reveals That She Is In Love With Her Best Friend

In an emotional Facebook post, Elizabeth Gilbert, revealed that she is in love with her best friend and fellow author, Rayya Elias. The bestselling author announced that her marriage with Brazilian businessman Jose Nunes ended this year after she entered into a romantic relationship with her best friend of over a decade. Gilbert first announced her split with Nunes in […]

Meet Sarah Patel­, the brave 6 year old girl who tried to stop an axe­wielding robber

Sarah Patel was in her parent’s shop in Glenfield, a suburb of Auckland’s North Shore, when it was invaded by a gang of six masked robbers who smashed cabinets, bashed the face of an employee and stole thousands of dollars worth of electronics. Caught up in the violent drama, Sarah Patel did what most children […]