13 Year Old Rape Survivor Puts Herself In Cage!

Rape Survivor Puts Herself In Cage A 13-year-old girl along with her mother put herself in a cage on Monday outside the district press club in protest against what she said release of her ‘rapists’. Hasina Bibi from Layyah Sadar – Pakistan, was allegedly kidnapped and raped by her relatives a few months back. She managed to return home and visited the police station for registration of a case. On March 24, she along with her father Manzoor Ahmed came to the district police officer and asked the police for legal action against Raheem Bakhsh, Mohammad Qasim, Bashir Husain and Hashim. Hasina Bibi in her statement, said in May 2013 she was alone at her house when Raheem came and allegedly raped her at gunpoint. She said she didn’t tell her parents about the incident as Raheem threatened her with murder. She also said she turned pregnant and after two months in July 2013 Qasim, his wife Sakina Mai, Raheem and Bashir took her for abortion to Wahowa in Dera Ghazi Khan where she was gang-raped for three days. The girl said she gave birth to a baby girl in February 2014 and managed to return home in March. The police arrested Bashir and Qasim, the rapists but released them later due to lack of concrete evidence to prove her allegations. So Hasina Bibi and her mom took action, they put themselves in cage in-front of the police station in Pakistan and went into hunger strike till the suspects are brought to justice.

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