10 Things implied when a Girl Says ‘I LOVE YOU’

It may seem to be three ordinary words to some of us. To some of us, it may seem as the three most extra ordinary words. And to the rest of us, it may not matter at all. Similarly, for every individual, these three words may have different meanings. But there are many things implied when a girl or woman says “I Love You”. happy girl in love Ten of these are mentioned as follows:-

  1. What she says, she really means that. These words come straight from her heart. She really means that she is in love with the person whom she says these words to.
  1. She cares for you. She is very much affectionate for you and is really concerned about your well-being. She always knows what is best for you.
  1. She is ready to sacrifice all her wishes, dreams and aspirations, only for you. She is willing to leave behind her own self, only for you.
  1. She can leave behind her parents, her family and her lifestyle, only to be with you. She doesn’t care about what others say or do; she just wants to be with you.
  1. She will face any difficulties for you. In fact, she is ready to handle any bad situations or adversities for you. All she wants to do is to protect you from all problems.
  1. She is dreaming of spending her entire life with you. She thinks of leading a beautiful lifetime with you. All she wants is to be with you. She can afford to lose anything but you.


  1. All she can think of is you. She is always thinking of different ways and plans to do things that will please you. She is ready to do anything just to see you happy and smiling.
  1. She expects commitment from you. She needs an assurance that after all, the person for whom she is ready to leave behind everything is at least worthy of her sacrifice. All she needs is support and a promise of always being with her, no matter however worse the circumstances are.
  1. She needs to be treated like a princess. But it doesn’t mean she expects everything expensive in monetary terms. A simple word or two of care and affection is more than enough for her.
  1. She expects you to share all your joys and sorrows with her. Even if you cannot be with her 24×7, the very few moments        that you are with her, she wants you to be only with her. She feels that even if she cannot solve your issues, at least she can make you feel that she is with you all the time.So next time, when a girl says these three magical words to a person, it implies that she thinks that he is the perfect one for her. So that person is supposed to respect her feelings and her emotions. Because it is not very often that a girl says these three words.          


    About the Author: This article is contributed by Neha Thakur, our Intern.

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